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EduVenture® Composer

Version 2.0.4

Login Composer with EduVenture® account to design and edit teaching kits. Click here to apply. 

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EduVenture® eXplorer

Version 1.7.4 (iOS)

Outdoor learning app for users. iOS and Android versions available.

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EduVenture® Retriever

Version 1.0.3

Students’ answers can be viewed on Composer V2 now. Click below to enter Retriever.


What is EduVenture®?

EduVenture® is an outdoor learning system developed by Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As its name suggests, EduVenture® combines “Education” and “Adventure” to tailor-make refreshing field trips. Not only does EduVenture® open the door to intriguing exploration journeys, but it also helps address the difficulties faced in conventional teaching such as insufficient student participation, huge learner diversity and lack of inquiry-based learning.


EduVenture® consists of:


Outdoor learning app specially designed for students

EduVenture®X is an app on smartphones and tablets designed to engineer unique gamified outdoor learning experiences. Operated with global positioning system (GPS), the app allows students to explore specific destinations with inquiry scaffolds and respond to pre-set questions. All answers will be automatically saved in the app. Since EduVenture®X can be used offline, it sets students hassle-free from buying mobile data.

EduVenture® Composer & Retriever

Online platform for crafting teaching materials and assessing learning results

EduVenture® Composer provides a wide variety of question types for teachers to design learning materials, such as multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, voice recording, data collection, photographing and concept maps. Teachers can easily compose appropriate learning materials according to learning content and learner diversity.


On EduVenture® Retriever, teachers can monitor and assess each student’s learning progress and results, which helps teachers provide feedback and conclusions for students.

Why EduVenture®?

Stimulate learning motivation with inquiry-based learning

Similar as a treasure hunt, EduVenture® tracks students’ real-time locations and displays questions and tasks of their respective locations when they reach the designated sites during a field trip.

Produce gamified outdoor learning resources in a breeze

EduVenture® Composer is so easy and efficient to use! Teachers can DIY their own meaningful outdoor learning materials simply by inserting texts and images and clicking a few buttons. Compared with traditional paper-based worksheets, EduVenture® provides a more convenient and time-saving solution to create interactive outdoor learning materials that meet more student needs and enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

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Personalize learning resources and share with all

Teachers are more than welcome to share their own EduVenture® teaching materials with the public. So far there are over 4,000 sets on EduVenture® covering all subjects produced by universities, primary, secondary and special schools. Teachers can also design private school-based teaching materials for their own students to take part in specific learning activities.


Who are using EduVenture®?

500 schools, around 2,700 school teachers are using EduVenture®.

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Our users are mainly educational institutions from Hong Kong and Macau (including universities, primary, secondary and special schools). The number of users from mainland China and Taiwan is also growing.


We have partnered with government bodies and NGOs such as Wong Tai Sin District Office, World Wide Fund, The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

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Acknowledgement: Photos by Cho Yiu Catholic Primary School, Holy Trinity College, Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long), and S.K.H. Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

How do users find EduVenture®?

EduVenture® was chosen because it is easy to use to complement the needs of different forms of outdoor mobile learning activities. According to the feedback from teachers and students, such tool enhanced learning experience by stimulating the interest of participants, and providing them with knowledge and skill enrichment opportunities throughout the process.


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Hong Kong)

EduVenture®️ is a silver bullet to the lack of inquiry process in learning. With EduVenture®️, students could visit the old and new communities, appreciate the changes in those communities and foster authentic learning experiences. It is also easier for teachers to create resonance with students in the teaching process.

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Mr. Kelvin Cheung

Maryknoll Secondary School

​We are one of the participate schools of using EduVenture®, integrating the system in General Studies, English Language education in senior grades. It truly makes a difference to our students' learning. EduVenture® provides our students with a more dynamic and gamified experience in outdoor enquiry-based learning where they have become more motivated to learn and collaborate with one another to complete the learning tasks.


Lions Clubs International Ho Tak Sum Primary School

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Featured Teaching Materials

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